'I Can't Wait to Play' by Dannika Patterson 

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Find out more about the Children's Picture Book, proudly produced by Sing&Grow with support of Play Matters Australia and Children's Rights Queensland.


'I Can't Wait to Play' by Dannika Patterson

The light is soft. A brand new day. And I just cannot wait to PLAY! All children have the right to play - it's the work they need to do! It's how they learn, develop, and grow!

'I Can't Wait to Play' is an enriching book for families with young children that celebrates the world of play. Every child has the right to play, and Dannika Patterson's 'I Can't Wait to Play' captures the joy and accidental play parents, carers, and grandparents can bring into everyday life. 

"Why do we play the whole day through? Play is the work kids need to do!"


The Author

Dannika Patterson is a children's author, presenter and freelance writer with degrees in Journalism and Psychology. For 20 years, Dannika used her wordsmithing skills to help businesses around the world tell their stories more effectively. In 2017, she discovered that writing books for kids is WAY more fun and soul-rewarding. Now, she's committed to creating Kid Lit for life.

With 14 published titles to date, Dannika continues to write and share stories that delight, spark curiosity and open relatable conversations. Her aim is to uplift, educate and inspire the next generation.

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Colouring in Activity

Download and print the colouring in sheet for 'I Can't Wait to Play'. Whether with pencils, crayons, paints or collage, experimenting with colour is a great way to play. 



Play Matters is the home of Sing&Grow Australia. Sing&Grow is a national evidence-based music therapy program providing services for young children and their families. Group programs focus on strengthening family relationships, building capacity in parents to support their children’s development in the early years of life, and supporting children’s transition to school. Sing&Grow is delivered exclusively by registered music therapists.

Sing&Grow and Play Matters Australia comissioned the creation and publication of Dannika Patterson's 'I Can't Wait to Play', with support from Children's Rights Queensland. 


Play Matters Australia

Operating for almost 50 years, Play Matters Australia aims to provide children with the best start to life by empowering parents and carers with the skills and confidence to guide and support their children's development through the fundamental act of play. All children have the right to play as stated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 31.

Play Matters Australia has proudly supported this endeavor, alongside Sing&Grow, to see 'I Can't Wait to Play' brought to families. 


Children's Rights Queensland

Children’s Rights Queensland was founded in 1971 and has a rich history of promoting the rights of children and supporting communities. 

Children’s Rights Queensland is focused on ensuring awareness of children’s rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child.

Children's Rights Queensland has proudly supported the distribution of the picture books.