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Play Matters Australia has a suite of digital offerings and support available to families anywhere in Australia.

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What we offer

Play Matters Australia has developed online digital portals to support groups, organisations, and families. The portals include access to a suite of resources, training, and useful tools.

Families are able to access two digital portals with Play Stars and Play Hub memberships. All Play Matters Australia affiliated groups and organisations get access to their own digital portal that includes high-quality activities developed by our play experts, a play management tool, hundreds of resources, and digital support information.

Play Matters Australia programs also offer online sessions for families to attend.

Our Digital Support

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The Play Stars Portal

The Play Stars portal provides families with children under one access to a suite of resources, videos, and helpful information to support play at home for families.

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The Play Hub

The Play Hub portal is designed for families with children aged one to five years old. Access to a suite of digital resources, activities, and videos is provided.

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Facilitator Portal

Groups and organisations that affiliate with Play Matters Australia gain access to the Facilitator Portal which includes a play management tool and support resources.

“It is a happy talent to know how to play”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson