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Play Matters Australia has a range of support resources for groups, organisations, and families.

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Play Matters Resources

Play Matters Australia has a vast bank of resources that have been developed and refined over five decades. Our play experts work with communities and stakeholders to develop resources that meet the needs of Australian families. Our educational resources align with AEDC and EYLF frameworks. Play Matters Australia has two digital hubs with resources for families.

We also have freely available resources on our website. All Play Matters Australia affiliated organisations and groups get access to their own digital support portal that contains high-quality resources developed by our play experts. Click below to learn more about our online support.

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Free inclusive resources

We have a range of free activity kits that have been developed for our Inclusion Support program. These are available for download on our website. The resources are designed to support families and groups by providing them with high-quality inclusive play ideas.


Our Monthly Themes

Play Matters Australia focuses on a different theme each month and encourages groups and organisations to get involved by following these themes at their sessions. We develop activities and additional resources that align with these themes. To learn more about the themes and download some sample activities, click the link below.

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