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Play Matters Australia has a suite of play-based programs and offerings that are delivered right across Australia. You can learn more below.

What we do

Group 82

Play Matters Australia delivers and supports community and facilitated playgroups accessed by thousands of families.
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Group 546
Sing&Grow Music Therapy

Play Matters Australia is the home of Sing&Grow Australia. It is a national, evidence-based music therapy program.
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Group 54
Inclusion Support

Play Matters Australia Inclusion Support programs break down the barriers to play and connection for parents and carers who have a child with additional needs. Find out more

Group 51
Training and Research

Play Matters Australia is committed to ongoing training and research into play and its impact on families.
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Group 33

Play Matters Australia delivers a range of events and celebrations in local communities across the country.
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Group 61
Online Support

Play Matters Australia has a suite of digital offerings and support available to families anywhere in Australia.
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Group 75
School Readiness

Play Matters Australia delivers programs that are designed to support children and families with entry into formal schooling.
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Parenting Support

Play Matters Australia has a range of parenting support offerings and programs for families.
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Our Theory of Change

The Play Matters Australia Theory of Change consists of a logical chain of evidence that leads from theories proven through science (developmental neuroscience and the science of play), experimentation (social determination theory), and long recognition and usage (ecological systems theory).

“Play is the beginning of knowledge.”

George Dorsey