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Inclusion Support

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Play Matters Australia Inclusion Support programs break down the barriers to play and connection for parents and carers with children who have additional needs.

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Inclusion Support

We offer individualised support to find the program that best meets each family's needs. Furthermore, we empower playgroups to provide accessible and welcoming spaces where everyone has the opportunity to nurture their family relationships and develop much needed social and emotional peer networks.


Outcomes for families

You will know that you're attending or running an inclusive playgroup when all families:

  • feel safe and welcome to participate.
  • feel valued for their contribution.
  • are empowered to choose and make decisions.
  • are given the same opportunities to participate.
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What we offer

Across Queensland, Play Matters supports families to access playgroups - in Redlands via the PlayTogether initiative, and via Active Inclusion throughout the rest of the state. Both of these Australian Government funded initiatives are focused on building families' confidence to engage with their local playgroup, and upskilling playgroups to be inclusive of everyone.


Free Inclusive Resources

We have a range of free activity kits that have been developed for our Inclusion Support program. These are available for download on our website. The resources are designed to support families and groups by providing them with high-quality inclusive play ideas.


Becoming an Inclusion Ready Playgroup

All Play Matters Playgroups are now eligible for a FREE Inclusion Ready Playgroup session. Someone from our Inclusion Support team will come to your playgroup with one or more exciting, accessible activities which provide a conversation starter about easy ways to make your playgroup more inclusive for ALL families to feel welcome. At the end of your session, you will receive a gift for your playgroup including:

- A set of mindfulness blocks

- An Inclusion Support Information Kit Booklet

- Visual Communication Boards- ‘Choice’ Board and ‘First and Then’ Board and cards

- Certificate to display demonstrating that you are now an Inclusion Ready Playgroup

To register your Playgroup for an Inclusion Ready Playgroup session, please follow the link below.

Alternatively, Play Matters Volunteers can head to the Facilitator’s Portal and access an online module ‘Becoming an Inclusion Ready Playgroup’, where, upon completion of the Reflective Questions, you will be sent an Inclusion Ready Playgroup Pack for your playgroup.


Play Matters also offers a number of specialised playgroups for families of children with a disability or delay in selected locations. As locations vary for each program, please contact us at to be referred to the most appropriate playgroup in your local area.

Play Matters Facilitators can find inclusive resources and activity ideas HERE


PALS is a facilitated, inclusive playgroup where local families with children of ALL abilities come together. Each playgroup focuses on, and develops, the participants' shared interests in culture, arts, sport or recreation (CASR), building links with local CASR organisations. PALS offers a unique supportive, inclusive child-centered model, giving young children with disability the opportunity to develop social and practical skills, and giving children and their families greater opportunities for ongoing social and community participation.


PlayConnect+ groups are open to all children with disability and/or developmental concerns aged 0-8 years and their families.  (Great news! A diagnosis is not necessary).  

MyTime Groups

MyTime groups are for parents and carers of children aged under 18 years who need a higher level of care than other children. This may be because of disability, developmental delay, or chronic medical conditions.

MyTime is a place you can connect with others who are raising children with additional needs. It can be a great opportunity to find out about new services and supports, and talk to other parents about their experiences with services, therapies, and medications. MyTime is an opportunity to take care of you, with guest speakers, fun activities, and morning tea provided.

Children under school age are welcome to attend and will be cared for by a play helper.

Organisational Referrals

Family Referrals

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