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Governance matters, and at Play Matters Australia, we are committed to transparent, accountable, and ethical governance ensuring that we effectively serve our members.


Board of Directors

Play Matters Australia is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors with diverse expertise and a strong commitment to our mission. They appoint a Chief Executive Officer and work closely with the leadership team to serve our members effectively.

The Board provides strategic guidance and oversight, helping Play Matters Australia to realise our vision of Connected Children, Families and Communities.

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Message from Board Chair

Having been a part of Play Matters Australia (formerly Playgroup Queensland) since 2016, I've witnessed the remarkable journey of our organisation as it has gone from strength to strength. Founded in 1973, we've evolved into a large non-profit organisation that connects children, families and communities in metro, regional and remote locations. As Board Chair, I'm committed to ensuring strong governance that aligns with our mission and vision. Together, we can all continue to have an impact on children and families across Australia through the power of play!

- Jane McVeigh, Board Chair


Role of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in the governance and strategic oversight of Play Matters Australia. The Board governs all of the functions of Play Matters Australia and meets at least eight times a year. It appoints the Chief Executive Officer and delegates certain powers and authorities to them under the Constitution. All members of the Board are volunteers who donate their time, energy, and professional expertise to Play Matters Australia. Comprised of individuals with diverse expertise and a commitment to the organisation's mission, the board is responsible for setting the organisation's strategic direction, ensuring financial stewardship, and maintaining ethical standards. They provide guidance on major decisions, and oversee compliance with laws and regulations. The Board of Directors are elected by members at an Annual General Meeting and Directors serve three year terms.

Board FAQs

What is the role of the Board Chair?

Board Chair’s role:

  • Leadership and Facilitation
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Stakeholder Representation
  • Board Dynamics Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Shareholder Engagement
  • Succession Planning
  • Spokesperson - Convey the company's mission, values, and strategic direction to the public.

What is the role of a Board Member?

Board of Director’s role:

  • Strategic Oversight
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Appointment of Leadership
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Board Committees
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Our Constitution

The Constitution of Play Matters Australia is a foundational document that outlines the fundamental principles, rules, and governance framework upon which the organisation is built and operates. It serves as the organisation's legal and structural framework, providing guidance on how the organisation should be structured, governed, and how decisions should be made. 

We're a registered charity. Learn more about us on the ACNC website.

Our Board Members

Jane McVeigh

Tenure: 7 years

Christine Chew

Tenure: 10 years

Janice Elsley

Tenure: 7 years

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