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Music is a fantastic way for children and parents to experience fun and bond.


Why Music?

Dancing, singing, playing percussion instruments, and relaxing to music is great for stimulating your child’s development. And the benefits are even greater when you share these activities together!

Why is music beneficial?

  • Music motivates children
  • Music is fun and non-threatening
  • Music can provide structure and predictability
  • Music can be used to alter mood
  • Music is great for child development

Music and Child Development

Music supports child development by improving:

  • Thinking Skills - staying on task, increasing attention span, problem-solving, following instructions, understanding and practicing new concepts.
  • Language, Literacy & Numeracy – learning new words and their meanings, counting, following patterns.
  • Physical Skills – gross and fine motor skills, body awareness, coordination e.g. using both hands together.
  • Communication Skills – verbal and nonverbal self-expression e.g. singing, making animal sounds, pointing, looking, waving.
  • Social Skills – sharing, turn-taking, sitting & waiting. This can help to prepare children for kindy and school.

Family Referrals

Families can be referred to Sing&Grow through an organisation supporting them in their community. Families interested in attending Sing&Grow can download the brochure here, and take it to their local community organisation for discussion. 

Although families cannot self-refer to Sing&Grow programs at this time, resources developed by our team of Music Therapists are available through the Play Matters Play Hub.


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“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.”

Modest Mouse