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Play Matters Australia is holding special playgroup events across Queensland to celebrate National Science Week.


Our Play Partners - MamaMag

We partner with a range of organisations that align with our mission and values. MamaMag is all about the local mum. From their website and socials, to their  FREE magazine, MamaMag offer fun and relevant content, interviews, tips, giveaways and advice as well as local insights to mums and parents in their capital city. 


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Play Matters is the home of Sing&Grow Australia. Sing&Grow is a national, evidence-based music therapy program providing services for young children and their families.

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Engaging Children in Around the World Play Science Matters: Bringing Science into Children's Play Unlocking the Power of Physical Play Promoting Literacy Development in Babies and Toddlers
Heart and Science

The Heart and Science of Play

Founded in 1973, Play Matters Australia
supports children and families to build
relationships, skills, and confidence through
play. We are a national company with staff in
every state and territory in Australia.

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What we do


Play Matters Australia delivers and supports community and facilitated playgroups accessed by thousands of families.
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Sing&Grow Music Therapy

Play Matters Australia is the home of Sing&Grow Australia. It is a national, evidence-based music therapy program.
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Training and Research

Play Matters Australia is committed to ongoing training and research into play and its impact on families.
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Play Matters Australia delivers a range of events and celebrations in local communities across the country.
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Online Support

Play Matters Australia has a suite of digital offerings and support available to families anywhere in Australia.
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School Readiness

Play Matters Australia delivers programs that are designed to support children and families with entry into formal schooling.
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Parenting Support

Play Matters Australia has a range of parenting support offerings and programs for families.
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Inclusion Support

Play Matters Australia Inclusion Support programs break down the barriers to play and connection for parents and carers who have a child with additional needs.
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“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning”

- Diane Ackerman


Our Brand

In 2020, Playgroup Queensland and Sing&Grow Australia recognised the need for change. The Playgroup Queensland brand created confusion and did not match our expertise, passion, and commitment to community connection and play.

Play Matters Australia was developed as the group masterbrand replacing Playgroup Queensland. In 2022, this was unveiled along with new digital platforms and membership offerings for families, communities and organisations.

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Play Matters Australia delivers a range of events across the country. Learn more below:

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